Leadership Development

Each year of Membership offers new opportunities for both Mothers (Patronesses) and Daughter (Ticktockers) to accept new challenges and learn new skills in a supportive environment.

Our Chapter’s committees allow members to explore various areas, including:

  • Philanthropy leadership
  • Member Development & Training
  • Activities & Event planning
  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Organizational Placement
  • Executive Leadership (President and President-Elect )
  • Membership Development
  • Financial Management
  • Parliamentary Procedure

Planning and facilitating regular meetings and events at both the Ticktocker and Patroness levels, sharing in the planning and running of special events, including the annual Mother-Daughter Tea, the End of Year Recognition Luncheon, selecting cultural events and other opportunities for shared experiences, AND MUCH MORE!!!


The 2022 Ticktockers met September 11 at the Texas State Capital. After the general meeting, where they learned about parliamentarian procedure, Karina Davis, current Texas Senate parliamentarian, discussed the importance of parliamentarian procedure in establishing meeting order and discipline within the Texas Senate.